Nantucket and Key West artist William Welch to open at CIRCA Galerie in Arles France. October 2 is the reception and it will be hanging until the 17th of November.

Located in the Rhone river delta, Arles is an ancient Roman settlement with extensive Roman remains and archeological treasures.

The artists style and palette reflect his impressionist study and pursuit of his love of color, light and moment . Gardens, street scenes and architectural studies are his focus.

This is the artist’s second show in Arles where he maintains a small studio steps from the Vincent VanGogh Foundation . (October 7 will witness an exhibit opening with the works of David Hockney at the Foundation).

Welch is primarily a Plein air painter in France , with watercolors of different locales in Arles and Provence. Also featured in the show will be works from Monets famous gardens and lily pond located in Giverny.

Several small canvases of Provence round out Welch’s showing.

In Nantucket the artist has his newly installed studio at 5 Easy Street, open seasonally and for the Christmas Stroll. Information at (507)361-3117.

In Key West, William Welch is represented year round by the Fraginpani Gallery at 1102 Duval Street. (305) 296-0440.

The artist also regularly has Plein air art excursions to France, Cuba and Mexico.